Monthly Archives: May 2010

Paper Cut

Ahahahahaha =D Yes, it has a story. Uninspired Haruki that doesn't look like himself is scary.

The alternative title for this blogpost shall be <insert title here>, because that’s what Onee-sama said while watching me type this xD Congratulations, you’re now my no. 1 stalker =D

Either way…back to drawing. >=> I was too lazy to fix any mistakes, please ignore them xD

Look over there**

Practice! =,D Yes, I know I PHAILED at spelling "there". I wrote "tere" instead. I noticed it myself, so nobody is allowed to complain. >=<

Male faces Dx I like jotting down things next to my sketches =,D And drawing on paper is fuuun <3

Trying to put into use what I've found out during studies. ♥

Yui looks kinda bored… poor Haruki =< Also, baroque anatomy, I know, I know. xD D Anyway. I might not be super-great right now, but I’m better than yesterday…and in the end, that’s what “improvement” is all about, isn’t it? >=>