Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Best Shirt EVAR

I bought a shirt on saturday. It's the exact same shirt that Yui is wearing.

I went into the store. I looked around. AND I WAS AWESTRUCK. Like I had to buy that shirt or else the world was going to end D: Of course, I did. And I loooove it xD This picture popped into my head while walking home >=> I’ve been wanting to draw Yui with pigtails for quite a while now, they look cute on her x3

Video of the drawing process will be posted tomorrow, it’s late and I have a french exam tomorrow =>

I'm not your boyfriend, baby

Request xD Characters are Sophia and Angel.

It doesn’t look good, but I’m TOTALLY going to submit this to pixiv, just so the time I spent on this doesn’t feel wasted xD D After all, I’m not getting paid or anything u_u It was fun to work on this, though. b/w is great >=>