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Be my last first love ~Happy New Year~

Last Day of 2009~ Yet another year passed. I’m somewhat happy and somewhat sad~ means I’m getting old, haha x,D

Have some New Year's greetings! x,D

Have some New Year's greetings! xD

I’m totally not used to drawing more than two characters yet, it’s difficult xD Haruki is going to catch a cold dressed like that, we all know that Dx

Aww, look at him pouting~

Apparently, Yui didn’t wake him up again xD He involuntarily got 8 hours of sleep! Dx

The Kiss Meme! I wanted to do that one for AGES ;o;

Finally a dream comes true! I finished that meme! *exaggerates* xD D

"Harukii, you're walking too fast! ;_; "

But wait! There’s still more! xD

Haruki must be sick! He's smiling! Dx

The text reads “akemashite omedetou gozaimasu”, a rather formal New Year’s greeting and Haruki’s name in Kanji xD

Yui must be sick! She's---wait a minute.

This time it says “akeome”, the very short-and-informal version of “akemashite omedetou gozaimasu” and Yui’s name in Kanji u_u

Have a great time and remember to listen to Anberlin’s “Inevitable” *points at title* ♥ Go, children, go and listen to it on YouTube! >=>