Goodnight and Go

I’m closing this blog. It was really fun while it lasted, but it’s time for me to move on to other things.
If you want to find me, I have a Tumblr. All my art stuff will be going there in the future.

Thank you for sticking with me through these four years and leaving me nice comments, this blog has really helped me grow as an artist! I’ll be archiving all posts soon, and use for my portfolio.

Selfies and Online Dating


Andrew looks like the biggest douchebag ever.

So I was feeling a bit freaky and signed up on an online dating website. I’m not actually looking for any sort of relationship, which is why I made sure to state explicitly that I’m “just looking for friends”. We’ll see how that turns out. It’s a good way to deal with my anxieties about talking to strangers online.

Anyway, this got me thinking, what kind of profile pic would my OCs use? So I went ahead and drew a couple of profile pics they would use in social media, along with the display names they would use. I had to censor Slut’s name again, for spoiler reasons. I’m sorry. Yui is the only one using a fake name.

If you want to try this challenge, please do, and link me to it! I love stuff like that.

Starting tomorrow I’ll also be working fulltime on an internship, so most of my activity will probably move over to my tumblr for random sketches and such. I doubt I’ll get to do artsy stuff during my internship. All programming.

I dedicate this post to my lovely Tally, because she hates horses, or something. >=<